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Name:The Waitress
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
The Waitress is a recurring character in the TV series, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She struggles with low self esteem, alcoholism and her inability to make a lasting impression on anyone, with the exception of her long time stalker, Charlie Kelly, a malodorous, illiterate janitor. Whenever she gets her life back into some semblance of functionality and order, the miscreants from the vile establishment, Paddy's Irish Pub, reappear to unthinkingly send it back into turmoil. They are the cause of her termination from several jobs and tumbles off of the wagon. Against her better judgement, she is infatuated with the looks and brains of the gang, Dennis Reynolds, who has referred to himself on more than one occasion as a golden God.

Roleplay Journal - I own nothing and am over the age of 21 - PB Mary Elizabeth Ellis

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